Biogenic is a family business led by its founder John Brennan and his daughter, Nicole whose complementary skills have brought a unique dimension to this multi-generational brand. Benefiting from the founder's passion for plant-based medicine, Biogenic’s identity comes from a deep insight into the healing power of CBD. Since the launch in 2020 the two have collaborated to ensure Biogenic plays a pioneering role in the creation of an inclusive and innovative product portfolio.

Stefan Tarlowski, our co-founder, and Head of Design was tasked with building a brand around a name. The term Biogenic is defined as produced by living organisms or biological processes. The journey from brand name to on-the-shelf product took 8 months. We landed on a brand identity which clearly defines our beliefs – professional, clean and no gimmicks. We are a brand with strong environmental responsibility. Our packaging is recycled and recyclable, the ink is plant based and we use a courier service who are committed to reducing carbon emissions and offsetting the remaining emissions through clean energy initiatives.

In early 2021, the Bio team blended their positive experiences with CBD and expertise in Ayurveda into expanding our science based, efficacy led product line aligned with our brand values. We had a strong focus on women's health care, due to Nicole's passion for providing women with natural solutions from periods through to menopause, which resulted in the launch of ELLE - a ground-breaking CBD Oil expertly formulated to ease some of the most debilitating symptoms of the menopause, and periods. ELLE has positioned Biogenic as the UK's number one trusted menopause-cycle self care CBD brand. 

In a treatment driven society, our ethos is natural prevention. We offer ancient, time-tested natural ingredients and guidance in health-related matters. We want to inspire our customers to adopt a holistic lifestyle for the long term. We maintain the highest standards of purity and transparency. We concentrate our efforts on the high-strength vital ingredients that will really make a difference to your wellbeing.

Each of our CBD oils is named after the key benefits that each oil delivers.

We offer you three full spectrum CBD oils to choose from: Calm, Energy and Elle. All are formulated with Ayurvedic herbs which combine with the powerful healing properties of CBD and the essential terpenes and flavonoids of the plant to deliver fast acting results. Biogenic’s one of kind proprietary CBD infusions are packed with turmeric, black pepper, eucalyptus, juniper berry and oregano essential oils depending on the blend and have a light sweet orange finish.

We are passionate about delivering the therapeutic benefits of CBD and the super herbs that feature in our products. With an unwavering commitment to natural ingredients and unique formulations, Biogenic is driven to enhance the power of CBD.

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