Menopause & Intimacy - Can CBD help?

Menopause is a natural biological process defined as a passage of time when menstrual cycles have not occurred for 12 consecutive months, marking the end of a woman's reproductive cycle. In this blog, we'll explore what effect CBD has on Menopause & Intimacy, and what could help. 

What happens to intimacy & sex during menopause?

During the three stages of menopause, you will experience drops in estrogen, which can have a significant impact on your sexual desire, making it harder to become aroused. This drop in estrogen can also make the vaginal canal less stretchy, and you could experience vaginal dryness which can make intercourse painful. More than a third of women in perimenopause, or who are postmenopausal, report having sexual difficulties, from lack of interest in sex to trouble having an orgasm.

As you age, it also becomes more likely that you'll be experiencing health problems such as chronic illnesses/ injuries which can have an impact on your sex life. Chronic illness and pain can cause not only physical pain, and lower energy levels, but can also affect you emotionally by having an impact on your own body image. 

Can CBD help with intimacy during menopause? 

No studies have directly looked into the effects of CBD on people experiencing menopause, but various studies have, however, tested the effects of CBD on specific symptoms in other groups of people. A 2020 study demonstrated that CBD could help relieve chronic pain, reduce inflammation, and relieve signs of stress - which can all help towards having a healthy sex life, especially during menopause.

The natural compounds in CBD are potent vasodilators, this means that they relax blood vessels & increase blood flow so when CBD is applied directly to your vulva, it can encourage blood to flow into the tissues. This is great for menopausal women as it can improve (or even bring back) orgasms and increase sensation & sensitivity. CBD is also known to fight inflammation, reduce pain, and relax muscles, making sex an easier & more enjoyable experience.


What do we recommend?

Warming CBD Massage Candle / 200MG / 220ML

Warming CBD Massage Candle

Our CBD hand-poured massage candle promises a blissful therapeutic massage experience, creating the perfect space for intimacy to blossom. Drawing inspiration from the ancient practice of Ayurvedic Massage, whose warm oil massages have been used for centuries because of their never-ending benefits to the mind and body, it is infused with an abundant blend of calming essential oils and natural ingredients that deeply nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

The three active ingredients (Pomegranate, Jasmine & Cacao) contain phytoestrogens, and when applied topically, have numerous skincare benefits; they boost collagen and hyaluronic acid to give the appearance of finer skin. In synergy with the CBD, they have strong antioxidant properties which help fight free radicals and their aging effects on our skin, which is highly beneficial to women navigating menopause.

Premium CBD Lubricant / 500MG / 50ML

Intimate CBD Lubricant

Our strawberry infused Lubricant is water based & contains 500mg of CBD, which helps to decrease inflammation, increase blood flow and improve muscle relaxation. As the CBD is absorbed, many users find their stress decreasing, and in turn, much more relaxed, open and released.

Some of us are finding that the stress of modern life can seep into the bedroom, so we struggle with performance anxiety. You are not alone as many people find themselves feeling shy or not in the mood. CBD is known to help with stress and anxiety, which should help to create a more relaxed environment around sex & intimacy.

Some menopausal women will experience vaginal dryness as a result of the reduction of hormones, such as estrogen which helps to naturally lubricate the vagina. To combat vaginal dryness, make sex more pleasurable, and reduce the risk of injury and soreness, our CBD Lubricant (which is a water soluble) is highly recommended.


Why not try the ultimate Intimate Ritual Bundle?

Containing our unique full body Warming CBD Oil Massage Candle along with our potent strawberry-infused CBD Lubricant, Biogenic's Intimate Ritual was designed for couples to reconnect, indulge, relax, let go and enjoy the language of touch.

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