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Are You a Wellness Warrior?

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Fancy being a part of a wellness  movement being led by Biogenic UK’s most innovative therapeutic CBD brand?

Aimed at conscious consumers wanting to adopt a holistic lifestyle for the long term and make a difference to their wellbeing, Biogenic’s 2 strong product line-up that includes a genderless CBD skin care system, edibles, topical muscle balms, vapes, intimate products, and a ground-breaking new range of three full spectrum Ayurvedic CBD oils.

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Become an independent Sales Ambassador for Biogenic

Work when you want, how you want and as much as you want

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Our Terms and Your Benefits

You immediately qualify for a 20% discount on all Biogenic products and you will receive a Biogenic T-shirt

You will receive a 10% discount code to share with your clients that enables them to purchase directly on our website. This code will be used to track your production. 

You will ask your customers to scan the QR code on all Biogenic marketing material and encourage them to enter data on our website. 

You will create a minimum of 1 posting per week on your social media + send a minimum of 5 new followers per week to our social media platforms.

* Earn 10% ​Commission Monthly on all sales up to £500
* Earn 15% Commission Monthly on sales from £500 - £1500

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