How to help Menopausal 'Brain Fog'

What happens to our brains as we go through menopause?

Our brains and ovaries are part of the neuroendocrine system. As part of the system, they communicate with each other, so the health of the ovaries is linked to the health of the brain. At the same time, hormones like oestrogen are not only involved in reproduction, but also in brain function. Oestrogen, or estradiol, is key for energy production in the brain. At the cellular level, oestrogen literally pushes neurons to burn glucose to make energy. Changes in oestrogen during the mid-life transition may change how efficiently neurons use glucose and in turn this drop in brain energy may affect memory and focus known to menopausal women as brain fog.

How Reducing Stress during Menopause helps Brain Health

During menopause, it is important to avoid things that suppress your oestrogens, especially stress. Stress can literally steal your oestrogens, and that's because cortisol, which is the main stress hormone, works in balance with our oestrogens. So, if cortisol goes up, your oestrogens go down. If cortisol goes down, your oestrogens go back up, therefore reducing stress is really important. It doesn't just help your day, it also helps your brain health!

CBD has been found to interfere with cortisol secretion causing sensations of sedation and calm. It can also have a more direct effect in stress by increasing serotonin signalling in our brain causing us to feel less anxious.

How can Elle Full Spectrum CBD formulated with clary sage help with Brain Fog

When we studied the review from the University of Adelaide researchers Scott Smidt and John Staton Laws III published in the journal Phytomedicine, we were encouraged to read that in preclinical research all the phytochemicals including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other antioxidants present in our CBD Oil formulas have shown neuroprotective effects through various cellular and molecular pathways. This supported the data that we have compiled from our customer's who'd stated that our full spectrum CBD Oils had reduced their anxiety and improved their focus.

With a powerful 6.7mg per drop ELLE, CBD is the natural go-to-menopause supplement that may help to restore a sense of calm, reduce anxiety and inflammation so that you can better navigate the emotional mid-life landscape.

Formulated with clary sage (Salvia sclarea), also known as ‘the women’s oil’ because of its ability to ease symptoms of female hormonal issues, each dose contains natural phytoestrogens that throughout centuries has been known to have a positive impact on the body's hormonal balance

Disclaimer: The compound sclareol may interfere with hormone replacement therapy by increasing estradiol levels so we recommend that you talk to your doctor before using clary sage if you are undergoing hormone replacement therapy.


Here are some of our simple lifestyle changes you can make to support Brain Fog

1. Staying hydrated

The brain is 80 percent water and that water is literally needed for every chemical reaction happening in the brain. Drinking water with electrolytes and minerals (included in tap water) can be beneficial.

2. Getting enough sleep

Fatigue and brain fog are directly related, so we recommend prioritising sleep. REM sleep is the brain's chance to rest and clean itself, removing inflammatory markers and impurities

3. Eating a well-rounded diet

You may be low in certain nutrients that the brain needs to function. In particular, these are B vitamins, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin E are all linked to cognitive function

4. Consuming inflammation-fighting herbs

Inflammation is a major root cause of brain fog, so we recommend boosting your diet with inflammation-fighting herbs like rosemary, basil, sage, garlic, peppermint and turmeric. Biogenic's CBD oils are the UK's first Ayurvedic blends which are boosted with anti-inflammatory super herbs like turmeric, black pepper, eucalyptus, oregano and ho-berry

5. CBD OIL Your Daily Dose of Wellbeing ELLE CBD OIL

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