Biogenic, an official partner of the GenM collective, are the first CBD company to be awarded the M-Tick - the world's first independent symbol for menopause friendly products.

Biogenic is honoured to be the first CBD company to have been awarded with the M-Tick – the world’s first independent symbol for menopause friendly products. Biogenic joined forces with GenM (gen-m.com), a collective that supports brands in learning and understanding why the audience of menopause - currently overlooked and under-served by brands, deserve better.

GenM’s mission is to unite responsible brands and organisations to improve the menopause experience, normalise the conversation, and support the under-served menopausal consumers. Since joining the GenM revolution, we have been collaborating to pioneer the world’s first M-Tick symbol which will purposefully serve this demographic in a more transparent way.

M-Tick Symbol making menopause support more visible


The new M-Tick aims to make it easy for consumers to find suitable products, providing them with a wealth of choice to take control of their menopause in the way that best suits them. The initiative was developed in response to GenM research that shockingly revealed only one third (36 per cent) of menopausal women find it easy to navigate menopause-friendly products in-store. Additionally, nine in 10 (91 per cent) have never seen any marketing for them, and 90 per cent wish brands were more inclusive to the menopause. The M-Tick symbol assures our customers that we have a responsible approach to menopause marketing that is authentic and based on in-depth understanding of the demographic.

ELLE CBD Oil was designed to position Biogenic as a menopausal cycle self-care CBD brand​


ELLE is a fast-acting 4000MG CBD Oil that encourages deep healing while supporting sleep, calm, balance, and overall wellbeing. Formulated with Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea), also known as ‘the women’s oil’ because of its ability to ease symptoms of female hormonal issues, each dose contains abundant natural phytoestrogens that throughout centuries have been known to have a positive impact on the body's hormonal balance.

Biogenic to play a major part in the entire mid-life ecosystem

In GenM’s new Invisibility report, half of menopausal women experience sleep and  anxiety (the leading reason for consumers using CBD). Latest studies show that Full Spectrum CBD Oil helps to ease these most debilitating symptoms, so in line with Biogenic’s ethos of combining the best of nature and science for a truly holistic health solution, ELLE is boosted with a powerful blend of therapeutic terpenes and time-tested Ayurvedic herbs, including Turmeric, Black Pepper, Eucalyptus, and Ho Berry. And like all Biogenic products, ELLE is certified in the Food Standard Agency’s (FSA) list of CBD goods linked to Novel Food applications and authorised for sale in the UK.

Biogenic Full Spectrum CBD Oils, ELLE, ENERGY, CALM, for sleep, anxiety & inflammation


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